Mobile Blockchain Revolution
Full telecom services, powered by blockchain technology


ElyNet is the world’s first global blockchain telecom company.

Cheaper data with no roaming fees, no data expiry and no hassle!


ElyNet’s Vision

Eliminate Single Carrier Dependency

· Seamlessly switch between your domestic operator and the ElyNet network through the ElyNet OS on any Android device
· Avoid expensive domestic operator fees, like data overage charges, by switching to the more affordable ElyNet network
· Get service coverage in areas or countries your domestic provider doesn’t offer

Eliminate Roaming Inconveniences

· Before traveling, switch to the ElyNet network to use your purchased data and avoid expensive roaming charges
· Our data carriers over, country to country, at no extra fee
· No need for foreign SIM cards, E-SIMs or Wi-Fi eggs! The OS is right on your phone!
· Our mobile data is so cheap, you won’t even think about relying on Wi-Fi when you travel again!

Stay Connected

· Our “hand-off” technology ensures seamless connection, even when switching between Wi-Fi and LTE
· P2P international calling with ElyNet is practically free, and the best part is, your home cell phone number never changes!
· Your purchased data never expires, so you won’t have to worry about needlessly topping up every month

Shared Economy

· Purchased data can be shared between users
· Gift your gigabytes to friends, family or employees!
· Users have the ability to resell any unused data as well


Consumer Oriented Mobile Networks – ELYNET

Key features of blockchain to create new decentralized telecom services.

Efficiency & Affordability

· Instant P2P connection
· Distributed authentication
· Freedom of network choice
· Maximized network efficiency
· Lowest possible price


· Advanced consensus algorithm
· Fast, highly scalable
· Simplified telecom authentication process, resulting in quicker connection and
breakage possibility elimination

Reliability & Transparency

· Encrypted and distributed data storage
· Protection of users’ private data
· Users control their personal big data
· No compromise on call quality
· No data threshold surpassing speed reductions


Configuration of ELYNET

Functional decentralization of network operators’ centralized
infrastructures simplifies all processes.
No dependency on mobile carrier’s central server.
Faster, more cost-efficient authentication for P2P connections



Blockchain-based mobile OS, CRUDE works as a personal Identification card managing personal information and purchases.

· Personal Identification card for ElyNet
· Rights and ownership of personal/credit/purchase/activity information
· Connection key to the ElyNet network and blockchain

Full blockchain


Sign on

Asset management
and distributed
data storage


Our Team

ELYNET team’s core competence lies in the members’ substantive knowledge and hands-on experiences in wireless system implementation.
By leveraging the complete comprehension of blockchain technologies, the team is, furthermore, capable of building a blockchain-driven mobile telecom ecosystem.
Se Yong Ro,
CEO & Co-Founder

Mr. Ro has 20+ years of experience at an executive level in a major South Korean telco firm. He is responsible for the company’s entire nationwide 3G infrastructural set up

Kevin Q Won,
CFO & Co-Founder

Mr. Won is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned business pioneer with 20+ years in the finance and telecom industries. He is a sophisticated investor and experienced fund manager

Hee Seung Lee,
COO & Co-Founder

Mr. Lee has 10+ years of experience at a major South Korean telco firm. His team was first in the world to embed Java programming onto mobile devices and he has co-founded several internet & mobile startups

Cha Ryong Koo,
CMO, Executive Director

Mr. Koo has 20+ years of experience in a major South Korean telco firm. He has in-depth expertise in nationwide go to market strategies and telecom customer acquisition, founding several internet & mobile startups


KyuTae Kim
Project Manager
JungKun Park
Project Leader
& Developer
HyeChang Kwon
Technical Director
& Developer
YunTae Kim
Blockchain Developer
DaeHong Im
Server Developer
Jaekyu Kim
Operation Manager
& QA



GyuSeok OH
Former President Corp.
Management of
Daelim Industrial
Matthew Willsher
Former CMO
at Telstra Mobile &
CEO at Etisalat Nigeria
ChangGon KIM
Chair Prof.
at Hanyang University
Hideyoshi Tominaga
Former Prof.
at Waseda University
ByungCheon Lee
at Joongbu University
Beomjoo Chun
at Global Cyber University
Timothy Shin
International lawyer
Legal advisor

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