Unprecedented Telecom Disruption
Full telecom services, powered by blockchain technology


ELYNET: the world’s first SIM-less blockchain telecom network provider

Gain access to a new global telecom network straight from your phone.


ELYNET’s Vision

Eliminate Single Carrier Dependency

For the first time ever, seamlessly switch between your domestic network and the ELYNET network right from your phone!

Avoid your home carrier’s roaming or data overage fees by switching to ELYNET before getting charged.

Get service coverage in areas or countries your domestic provider doesn’t offer

No More Travel Hassles

Before your next vacation,
switch to the ELYNET network to access fast data, anywhere in the world, and avoid expensive roaming charges

Data packages work anywhere in the world, regardless of which currency or country you purchased in

Say goodbye to foreign SIM cards, E-SIMs and Wi-Fi eggs; the global network is right on your phone!

Better yet, our data packages are so affordable that you won’t think about relying on spotty public Wi-Fi ever again!

Stay Connected

Our “hand-off” technology ensures seamless connection, even when switching between Wi-Fi and LTE

P2P international calling with ELYNET is practically free, and the best part is, your home cell phone number never changes!

Your purchased data never expires, so you won’t have to worry about needlessly topping up every month

Shared Economy

Purchased data can be shared between users

Gift your gigabytes to friends, family or employees!

Users have the ability to resell any unused data as well


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ELYNET: Mobile Revolution

Telecom and blockchain technology integrates with our innovative mash-up network engineering,
bringing the world a new, decentralized, ultra efficient telecom carrier

Efficiency & Affordability

Globally accessible mobile network

Standardized data package prices worldwide

No internet speed reducing data thresholds

Mash-up network engineering automatically selects the best network available with seamless hand-off when switching


Independent small subnetworks can be connected to ELYNET

Different kinds of networks are interlinked into ELYNET and provide seamless network service

Reliability & Transparency

Encrypted and distributed data storage results in added protection of users’ private data

ELYNET never sells users’ data to third parties Subscribers have full control of their personal big data



Blockchain-based mobile software, CRUDE works as a personal Identification card managing personal information and purchases.

· Personal identification card to access ELYNET
· Looks and feels like an app, but is an Android-based mobile software that does not affect the users’ default OS interface
· CRUDE works in the background, allowing users to switch between networks, while only using minimal battery life

Full blockchain


Sign on

Asset management
and distributed
data storage


Our Team

ELYNET team’s core competence lies in the members’ substantive knowledge and hands-on experiences in wireless system implementation.
By leveraging the complete comprehension of blockchain technologies, the team is, furthermore, capable of building a blockchain-driven mobile telecom ecosystem.
Se Yong Ro,
CEO & Co-Founder

Mr. Ro has 20+ years of experience at an executive level in a major South Korean telco firm. He is responsible for LG U+’s entire nationwide 4G network architecture.

Kevin Q Won,
CFO & Co-Founder

Mr. Won is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned business pioneer with 20+ years in the finance and telecom industries. He is a sophisticated investor and experienced fund manager.

Hee Seung Lee,
COO & Co-Founder

Mr. Lee has 10+ years of experience at a major South Korean telco firm. His team was first in the world to embed JAVA programming onto mobile devices and he has co-founded several internet & mobile startups.

David Koo,
CMO, Executive Director

Mr. Koo has 20+ years of experience in a major South Korean telco firm. He has in-depth expertise in nationwide go to market strategies and telecom customer acquisition, founding several internet & mobile startups.


KyuTae Kim
Project Manager
JungKun Park
Project Leader
& Developer
HyeChang Kwon
Technical Director
& Developer
YunTae Kim
Blockchain Developer
DaeHong Im
Server Developer
Jaekyu Kim
Operation Manager
& QA



GyuSeok OH
POSCO Head of New Growth Division
Formerly Daelim Industrial CEO
C&M CEO / SK Broadband CSO / LGU+ CMO
ChangYong Lee
Vice Chairman of KOBEA
(Korea Blockchain Entrepreneur Association)
Formerly LGU+
ChangGon KIM
Formerly Vice minister Ministry of Information and Communication
Department of Telecommunications in the Government of Korea for 30 years.
Andrew Chonghoon Nam, Ph D
Prof. Catholic University of Daegu
Formerly LG Soft, LG Electronics, LG U+
Tominaga Hideyoshi, Ph D
Doctoral degree in advanced science and engineering from Waseda University
Maxim Azarov
ASD Technologies CEO
Formerly Rambler Media Ltd CPO / Google
Matthew Willsher
Formerly British Telecom, LG Telecom, Telstra, HK CSL, Maxis and Etisalat
Timothy Shin
Partner at Barun Law
Co-founder & Partner of SparkLabs Opportunity Fund

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